I think I’m like most people when it comes to the NFL owner-player labor problems; I don’t understand much of it. I’m bored by it. I’m angered that nasty rich owners and wealthy players can’t resolve their problems behind closed doors. I’m baffled why such an incredibly successful business would wash their laundry in public and suffer such bad public relations.

I want to scream: SHUT UP and PLAY BALL!

Realizing how ignorant I am when it comes to the law and high finance, I do have a suggestion for the owners and players. In simple terms the issue seems to be how to split $9 billion. That’s billion. The owners want to deduct $2 billion and split $7 billion. The players want to keep the status quo: Let the owners deduct $1 billion and divvy up the remaining $8 billion.

My plan: Set $2 billion aside and split the $7 billion. Go back to getting ready for the season and then, of course, play ball. Let the lawyers and such argue behind closed doors about the $2 billion. Both sides can get along fine with $7 billion for a year or two or three. When the negotiating ends, make payments retroactive.

Naw, that’s way too simple for these geniuses to comprehend.


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