Imagine being totally engrossed and entertained while watching a movie, and then 5 minutes before the end, the screen goes blank.  What are you going to remember about the movie?  A horrible ending, that’s what…

That’s the way i feel about the NCAA basketball tournament. A great show until the end. Unfortunately for college basketball, the screen didn’t go blank.  I’ve pondered this for several days and have come to this conclusion: UConn’s title-winning game against Butler is the worse championship game I’ve ever seen – in any sport.  Both teams stunk.

College basketball critics were given more fuel for the argument that the quality of the game has suffered greatly because the outstanding 19 to 22 year old players are in the NBA, not college. Casual fans who tuned in to the UConn/Butler game aren’t likely to tune in again next season.

I just wish I could wipe the memory of watching that mess from my mind.



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