4/26/11 – Purist Problems

Baseball purists fight change. Any change. Newest case in point is Commissioner Bud Selig saying last week that Major League Baseball likely will add a team from each league to the 2012 playoffs. That’ll mean 10 teams make the postseason. Selig also is pushing for as many as 12 playoffs teams.

The reaction of the purist? Good grief! The sky is falling!

Of course I remember when baseball’s postseason was only the World Series. Then leagues were split into divisions and division champs joined the postseason party. If you listened to some baseball experts back then you’d have heard cries of the Babe spending in his grave and Ty Cobb threatening to come back to life and haunt the baseball heretic by spiking them in the face.

When Selig led the way to include wild card teams the was screaming louder than ever by the purists.

I love tradition. Used to think I was a bit of a baseball purist. But no more. The NBA has 16 of 30 teams in postseason. A bit too much. The NFL has 12 of 32. About right. Baseball will be just fine with 10, even 12, of 30 teams making the playoffs.

The sky won’t fall.


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