4/22/11 – Pre-season Squawking

Tax day has come and gone and that means some preseason college football polls are out. Let the debate begin. Let the sports talk show hosts scream and holler about this team being overrated and that one being slighted by the so-called experts. Just remember you I-live-for-college-football fans it’s all in fun and meant to drive you to websites and get you to buy magazines. Preseason polls are as unscientific as throwing darts at a board.

First, without looking at one roster and without knowing which players schools lost from last season, there are 15-20 schools that are ALWAYS in preseason polls. There may be 120 major college teams but there are only about 25 elite programs, if that many. There are always 3 or 4 up-and-comers — count Boise State as the current stud of that group — and then there are 3 or 4 surprise teams each season. Remember the 12-1 Cincinnati Bearcats two years ago?

Another sure thing is each poll will have one big surprise. How else would they drawn attention to themselves. The first preseason I saw this year, for example, had Florida at No. 6 even though the Gators are coming off of a down year with a major question mark at QB and a new coaching staff. Count on it: Some poll will have FSU in the top 5. Shoot, in some poll Duke probably will get a vote as a top 25 team.


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