4/21/11 – Overrated Jeter

I realize that what I’m about to say will make me No. 1 on the Jerk List of any true New York Yankees fan: I think Derek Jeter has always been overrated. If he’d played shortstop on any other team he’d be considered a border-line hall of famer – which, if you think about it Yankee lovers, is a nice compliment. But as the Yankees shortstop and team captain during the championship decade of 1995-2005, he has been placed on a pedestal often reserved for Yankee greats.

I know it seems easy now to pick on Jeter who’s clearly in the twilight on his career. Even die-hard pinstripe lovers admit he’s lost bat speed and range in the field. Truth is, he never had great range defensively and he was, at best, a good but not great hitter. He did excel el as a leader, as a smart player and no one played harder. I’d loved to have had him playing shortstop for my team.

But first-ballot hall of famer and one of the all-time great shortstops? No way.


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