While watching Florida’s Orange and Blue spring game I found myself fighting boredom. With so many offensive players on the sidelines for a variety of reasons I started reading the SEC’s 2011 schedule.

Understand that I’m onboard with all of you who think the SEC is the best conference in college football. I buy the argument of how brutal the SEC conference schedule is. And there are some compelling nonconference games . . . Alabama plays at Penn State . . . Georgia plays Boise State in Atlanta . . . LSU plays Oregon in Dallas and at West Virginia . . . Arkansas plays Texas A&M in Dallas. And there are the nonconference rivalry games: Florida-FSU . . . Georgia-Georgia Tech . . . South Carolina-Clemson.

Then there the other nonleague games, the. . . errrr . . . I’m searching for kinder, gentler words than garage games. I’m not trying to get you onboard with my No. 1 pet peeve in college football: the scheduling of clearly outmanned nonconference opponents. I’m simply pointing out you shouldn’t expect any surprises or excitement when SEC powers play the likes of Florida Atlantic, Furman, Kent State, Montana, Coastal Carolina, Missouri State, Georgia Southern, Western Kentucky, The Citadel, Samford, North Texas and something called Northwestern State.


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