If I had a vote Manny Ramirez would be inducted into the Hall of Fame in five years. That’s right. I think he deserves to be voted in his first year of eligibility. I know about his issues with illegal substances. Truth be known, he’s probably done a lot worse than we know about. Along those lines, a lot of players have probably gotten away with using illegal substances. They include players are in the Hall.

I’m certainly not advocating Major Leaguers – or any athletes, for that matter – use steroids, human growth hormones and any other illegal substances. I want our athletes to be clean. But it’s no secret athletes and their doctors have burned the midnight oil for years, decades, looking for an edge, a way to get a little quicker, a little faster, and a little stronger. As fans we’ve placed superior athletes on pedestals. Success on the field has translated into fame and riches. For the most part we’ve turned a blind eye to how athletes got their edge.

In recent years we’ve become crusaders and hypocrites. Ramirez was the greatest right-handed hitter of his generation. Certainly one of greatest right-handed hitter s on all-time. Sure, he was a goofball. I wouldn’t want him to marry my daughter. But he belongs in baseball’s Hall of Fame.


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