Based on the opening arguments in the Barry Bonds trial, the verdict will come down to whom the jurors believe. There isn’t expected to be any CSI-type evidence. You know what I’m talkin’ about. “We found a hair embedded in a finger nail and the DNA revealed . . .blab . ..blab.” The defense will argue the witnesses are all liars with obvious agendas. who simply want to see Bonds burned. The prosecutor says he has people lined who witnessed Bonds taking steroids or bragged about using steroids or both. Bonds’ lawyer pointed out Bonds isn’t denying taking steroids; he’s denying that he ever knew he was taking anything illegal.

Obviously I’ve only watched this entire story from afar. The last time I saw Bonds in person was more than decade ago and that was at a game from the bleachers. And I’ll admit I’d be disqualified from the jury because I’ve already made up mind on the verdict: GUILTY.

It’s well documented Bonds isn’t what you’d label a good guy. His own teammates often spoke out about how aloof he was; what a jerk he was. Even Bonds has admitted he didn’t have any close friends — on purpose, I might add.

But the most damaging facts against Bonds are the most obvious. Major League Baseball has uncovered dozens of players who admitted steroids. What transpired in the 1990s has been labeled a steroid epidemic. And then there is Bonds himself. He went from a rangy build to looking like a body builder. He went from the game’s best all-around player to the greatest home run hitter in history. Imagine Jerry Rice going from a great wide receiver to the all-time greatest tight end.

The trial seems like a waste for time and money. But innocent until proven guilty is the American way. Bonds is now getting his day in court. And can’t comprehend him winning, but then again I never imagined O.J. Simpson would be acquitted.


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