The thought of not having an NFL season in 2011 is depressing. I love the NFL along with 100,000 million or more other Americans.

The thought of not having high school sports in Duval County during the 2011-12 school year — and perhaps beyond — is 10 times more depressing., not to mention scary for our nation. And far more important.

The NFL is great entertainment. High school sports is essential.

I’m not suggesting we put sports ahead of academics in our school. But I do believe sports is an essential part of the overall educational experience for our young — and, lord knows, our young people need all of the positive educational experiences we can provide for them.

The problem, of course, is money. We are in a major economic recession. Cuts are being made in every aspect of our lives, from government to businesses to families and, yes, education.

“Pay to Play” programs work to a degree, but there are many who can’t afford to pay anything. The quality of an education for an individual in our secondary schools should never be a matter of haves and havenots. There are things in our prep sports programs that can be cut. Ditto for other areas in our educational system. This is when those in charge need to prove their leadership and intelligence.

To hell with politics and back scratching.


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