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Blabbermouth for 12/3

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Blabbermouth
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Heading into the final week of the regular season my twin brother, Blabber Mouth, is red hot when providing college football game points spreads – for entertainment purposes only, you understand.

Last week he was 5-3 and stands 43-31 for the season. That’s real good.

This week’s games:

LSU minus 13.5 vs. Georgia in Atlanta

Wisconsin minus 9.5 vs. Michigan State in Indianapolis

Arkansas State minus 13 vs. Troy

BYU minus 8 at Hawaii

Utah State plus 13 at New Mexico State



Okay, Blabbermouth Lamm, my twin brother, can’t hit a home run every week with his college football picks. He cooled last week, going 4-5, against the spread. Remember, he offers points spreads on selected college games for entertainment purposes only.

He is 38-28 for the year, and that’s impressive.

This week’s games:

Virginia plus 5 vs. Virginia Tech

LSU minus 11.5 vs. Arkansas

Tulsa plus 3 vs. Houston

Pitt plus 6.5 at West Virginia

Marshall plus 1.5 vs. East Carolina

Boise State minus 32 vs. Wyoming

Vanderbilt minus 1.5 at Wake Forest

San Diego State minus 15 at UNLV


Blabbermouth Picks for 11/19

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Blabbermouth
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My twin brother Blabbermouth Lamm is so happy these days he’s singing a happy tune, “I’m in the money.” Each week Blabbermouth offers point spreads of select college game (for entertainment purposes only) and he’s smoking.

Last week he went 5-4 and is 34-23 for the years. (In case you don’t know it, anything over .500 is good in picking games based on point spreads.)

This week’s games:

Michigan minus 3 vs. Nebraska

SMU plus 19.5 at Houston

USF pick ‘em vs. Miami

Vanderbilt minus 1.5 at Tennessee

BYU minus 22.5 vs. New Mexico State

N.C. State plus 7.5 vs. Clemson

Arizona State minus 11 vs. Arizona

Hawaii minus 5 vs. Fresno State

Arkansas State minus 10.5 at Middle Tennessee State


Blabbermouth Picks for 11/12

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Blabbermouth
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My twin brother Blabbermouth Lamm loves college football. He loves making burger bets, and he’s winning enough to have put on a few pounds. (Those burgers are loaded with calories.) For entertainment purposes only, you understand, he enjoys sharing his insight (i.e. point spreads) on selected games each week.

Last week he cooled off a bit, going 4-4, but he’s 29-19 for the year, and that’s darned impressive.

This week’s games:

FSU minus 9 vs. Miami

Vanderbilt minus 13 vs. Kentucky

Air Force minus 15.5 Wyoming

BYU minus 20.5 vs. Idaho

Tulsa minus 18 vs. Marshall

Nevada minus 15 vs. Hawaii

Southern Miss minus 8 vs. UCF

Arkansas minus 14 vs. Tennessee

Louisiana Tech minus 2 vs. Ole Miss


Blabbermouth – for 11/5/11

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Blabbermouth

He’s hot, hot, hotter. Blabbermouth Lamm’s college point spreads – offered for entertainment purposes only — have been on the mark. Last week he was 6-3. For the year he’s 25-12. Some would suggest he do this for a job.

This week’s games:

Air Force minus 17 vs. Army

Iowa plus 4 vs. Michigan

Michigan State minus 27.5 vs. Minnesota

Arkansas minus 5 vs. South Carolina

Houston minus 27 at UAB

Cincinnati minus 3.5 at Pitt

Utah State plus 3.5 at Hawaii

UL-Lafayette minus 5 vs. UL Monroe


Blabbermouth for 10/29

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Blabbermouth

Twin brother Blabbermouth could be making you a lot of money if gambling was legal. He’s on a roll with his college point spreads, which he offers each week for entertainment purposes only.

Last week he was 7-2. He’s 19-12 for the year.

This week’s games:

Georgia minus 3 vs. Florida

Nebraska minus 4 vs. Michigan State

Auburn minus 12 at Mississippi State

Kent State plus 3.5 at Bowling Green

Air Force minus 30.5 at New Mexico

Arizona plus 4.5 at Washington

Arizona State minus 31 vs. Colorado

San Jose State plus 7.5 at Louisiana Tech

San Diego State minus 18 vs. Wyoming


My twin brother Blabbermouth Lamm has been celebrating all week. If you’ve been using his college point spreads for the last three weeks you’re now in the money … errr, make that matchsticks because Blabbermouth gives you point spreads for entertainment purposes only.

Last week he was 5-3 and now stands 12-10 for the year.

This week’s picks:

Purdue plus 4 at Illinois

Vanderbilt minus 10 vs. Army

Navy minus 10 vs. East Carolina

Tulsa minus 10.5 at Rice

Houston minus 22 vs. Marshall

Toledo minus 17 vs. Miami (O)

Southern Cal plus 8.5 at Notre Dame

Middle Tennessee State minus 6 at Florida Atlantic

Hawaii minus 21 vs. New Mexico State


Blabbermouth Picks: 10/14

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Blabbermouth

My twin brother Blabbermouth, who gained fame as part of my long-running TV show “Lamm at Large” has resurfaced after living under an assumed name on a Caribbean Island for nearly a decade. While in the islands he became an oddsmaker.

Now back in the states and living in retirement, he has offered to provide weekly point spreads on selected college games – for entertainment purposes only, you understand – for me and my readers.

After two weeks, his record is 7-7.

This week’s games:

FSU minus 13.5 at Wake Forest

Purdue plus 12 at Penn State

Mississippi State plus 3 vs. South Carolina

LSU minus 16 at Tennessee

Cincinnati minus 16.5 vs. Louisville

SMU minus 3 vs. UCF

Wake Forest plus 7 vs. Virginia Tech

Tulsa minus 22.5 vs. UAB


Blabbermouth’s picks for the week:


Oklahoma minus 10 vs. Texas

Clemson minus 20.5 vs. Boston College

Texas A&M minus 9 vs. Texas Tech

Georgia Tech minus 14 vs. Maryland

Indiana plus 14.5 vs. Illinois

Troy minus 6.5 vs. Louisiana-Lafayette

Georgia minus 1 vs. Tennessee


Last week: 4-3.