8/5/11 – Hoge v Tebow

ESPN analyst Merrill Hoge created a stir recently when he joined the list of Tim Tebow doubters by tweeting “. . . It’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow.” About the only group larger than Tebow critics is the group of people who worship the former Gator quarterback and the First Coast’s favorite son.

I’m not a Hoge fan, but I defend his criticism of Tebow. It is Hoge’s job to give his opinion. I cringe when athletes such as LeBron James respond to such criticism by saying analysts shouldn’t be haters. In the athletes’ world everything said about other athletes should be kisses and hugs and lots of love. They don’t want analysts; they want promoters. Too many athletes live in a word surrounded by yes men and butt kissers.

For the record, I have doubts about how successful Tebow will be as an NFL quarterback. Hoge criticized Tebow’s skills, not him personally. Man, I hate defending Hoge, but it’s my job to give my opinion.



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