8/2/11 – Tiger’s Back…

Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour this week and already many of you are asking, “What’s the big deal?”

Tiger, you insist, gets way too much attention from the media, particularly TV. “When Tiger’s playing all you get is Tiger, Tiger, Tiger,” a friend moaned this week as we watched a TV promo featuring Woods’ return from injury for this week’s tournament at Firestone.

There’s some truth in such complaints, but facts are facts. The TV folks know when Tiger is playing there are far more eyes watching.

I’m convinced even Tiger’s harshest critics are guilty of paying more attention to tournaments with Woods in the field. Like it or not, Tiger is special. He has charisma by the truck loads.

“Other players deserve more attention,” my friend added.

True again, but let me be honest with all of you Tiger haters: The first thing you’ll want to know after Thursday’s first round is, “What did Tiger shoot?”



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