8/11/11 – Jags Stay Home

I totally agree with the decision not to play Maurice Jones-Drew and Aaron Kampman in the Jaguars’ first preseason exhibition. They’re proven veterans and there’s no need to test their mended knees in a glorified practice. I don’t agree, however, with neither making the trip to New England.

No matter whom you ask, they’ll tell you MJD and Kampman are the leaders of this team. Leaders should be with their teammates whenever possible. Whether simply cheering on the sideline, being there to offer advice or simply mingling with their teammates, the presence of MJD and Kampman can only be a positive for a young NFL team. Surely it isn’t too much to ask these guys to make the trip. First class flight accommodations and someone to cater to your every need isn’t exactly a hardship.

The Jaguars aren’t alone when it comes to NFL teams not asking their stars to travel during the preseason. I guess it’s considered a perk of stardom.

But staying home isn’t what leaders do – no matter how large their paychecks are.



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