8/10/11 – A-Rod

Major League Baseball admits it is looking into reports that Yankee star Alex Rodriguez played in high-stakes and illegal poker games. What’s next? To see if A-Rod has been guilty of speeding on I-95? Reports are he regularly drives 75 miles per hour when the speed limit is 65.

If MLB starts investigating its players involved in big-money card games, then it had better hire a lot of new investigators. My advice to Commissioner Bud Selig is to start the investigation by hopping onboard almost any team plane. Before the wheels are up on most flights there are several card games in process.

As for the high stakes, is anything more difficult to define? A $2 limit may be big money for some. Considering A-Rod makes about $25 million a year, I can’t imagine what would be considered high stakes to him.

While we’re at it, let’s round up all of the judges, lawyers, cops, teachers and sportscasters who enjoy an occasional poker game at a buddies’ house.



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