7/7/11 – College is Bad

Has big-time college football become so tainted we hardly pay attention to wrongdoing? Has it finally reached the point where we truly don’t care if our school is guilty of cheating, lying and admitting athletes who read on a third-grade level as long as our schools wins a bunch of games? Is our outrage now confined to making jokes about our rivals if they’re caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar?

I ask these questions because so little attention has been paid to charges that Oregon and its coach, Chip Kelly, paid a recruiting service more for influence than game film. Oregon did play for the BCS championship six months ago. The Ducks are now big time. It’s now worth considering that Oregon’s rapid rise to elite status may be the result of shady deals more than hard work.

It is also worth noting that both teams that played in the last BCS championship game are being investigated. The champion, Auburn, has been accused of buying its star player, Cam Newton. Now Oregon is a target.

Do we care? Or are we envious our school didn’t cheat well enough?



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