7/5/11 – Moaning Coaches

As the NFL lockout draws closer to a settlement we’re hearing more and more from head coaches who moaning more and more about how their young players won’t have time to learn the system. They, no doubt, are also concerned some of their veteran players will forget the system.

Every time I hear or read one these quotes I’m more convinced than ever that nothing is more overdone than football. I’m also reminded of how often after losses coaches bemoan their players’ poor play and usually close such sad commentaries with comments like “it ain’t the system, it’s the execution.”

My advice is quite simple: Simplify the playbook; concentrate on execution. Now I realize football has changed in many ways in the last 50 years. Players are bigger and faster, but I’m not sure they’re smarter. Vince Lombardi, considered by many as the greatest coach of all time, was the king on working on execution and keeping the plays simple.

The “run to daylight” offense worked well for Lombardi’s Packers. Who knows? Maybe it would still work.



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