7/21/11 – Tiger Wood$

A report in Fortune magazine – a much respected magazine in the financial world – says Tiger Woods is hurting for money. It reported in the current edition that Tiger has endorsed a heat rub product in Japan because he “needed” the money. Tiger’s agent, of course, has denied his client has financial problems.

That’s no question that Tiger has taken a major financial setback since 2009 when his marriage fell apart in scandal and he lost many of his endorsement deals. And he hasn’t been collecting any million dollar prize payouts during the last three years because a series of physical ailments have kept him off the golf course and in rehab.

The financial losses we know of are staggering. In addition to losing endorsements and prize money, the divorce costs him at least $100 million. The cost of maintaining his properties and staff has to be staggering as well. It’s reasonable to wonder how much he has paid to keep some people silent. Yeah, I’m talking about the women in his life.

Still, Tiger has earned more than $1 billion and you’d think that amount would carry him through the tough times. Most people would actually welcome such financial woes.



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