7/19/11 – Honor for the Shamed

The Ohio High School Football Coaches Association has unanimously adopted a proposal to honor ousted Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel by wearing white shirts and ties for season opening games. A spokesman for the association talked about how much Tressel did for high school football in the state during his time at Ohio State.

Wouldn’t any college head coach in Ohio do everything in his power to promote high school football? Wouldn’t any head coach in any state do the same? Homegrown talent is the key to success for most college programs, and that’s certainly the case in such fertile recruiting states like Ohio, Florida, Texas and California.

Perhaps the Ohio high school coaches forgot Ohio State forced Tressel to resign because he broke some rules and ignored others. Mmmmm . . . let’s honor a liar and a cheater. That certainly sends a wonderful message to high school players, coaches and fans throughout the state.

Our educational system may be worse than I thought.



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