7/14/11 – MLB All-Star Madness

Please allow me one more rant about the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Actually, this is more of a rant about MLB economics and how it relates to the midsummer classic. And why not continue to pick on beloved Yankee Derek Jeter?

My problem is the all-star contract bonus clause. Nearly every big leaguer has one built into his contract. I don’t take issue with a player such as Florida’s Mike Stanton, a second-year Major League player making little more than the minimum. A contract loaded with bonuses makes sense. The more you produce the more you earn. That’s sorta the American way.

My issue is with players making millions of dollars a year AND having all-star bonuses. This first grabbed my attention when Alex Rodriguez signed his 10-year, $250,000 million contract with the Texas. For $25 mill a year shouldn’t the Rangers EXPECT A-Rod to be an all-star?

So how does Jeter figure in to this? Jeter makes $18 a year. He opted out of playing in the all-star game because he needed rest. He didn’t even make an appearance at the game. But he did earn a $500,000 bonus for being named an all-star. That’s just wrong – and stupid.



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