7/13/11 – Stupidity in Baseball

If you’re a baseball fan, please pay attention. A baseball costs about 5 bucks. Yeah, it’s cool to catch one in the stands, but at what costs?

Last week a 39-year-old father died at Ranger Stadium in Texas after falling 20 feet over a rail trying to catch ball flipped in the stands. It was a tragedy and made headlines for two days. Everyone agreed it was a senseless and foolish way to die.

Keith Carmickle apparently didn’t get the message. At Monday’s All-Star Game Home Run Derby in Phoenix, Carmickle went over the rail trying to catch a ball off the bat of Prince Fielder. His brother and friend literally grabbed Carmickle as he daggled over the rail. Tragedy was avoided, but stupidity lives on.

Alcohol likely is part of the problem. Teams aren’t going to stop selling alcohol and fans apparently aren’t going to stop risking their lives for a baseball souvenir. The best solution is to install Plexiglas like that at hockey games.

That would be a shame but it’s better than another senseless death.



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