7/11/11 – Women’s Soccer

It was by accident Sunday that I watched the final few minutes of the USA women’s soccer team’s defeat of Brazil in World Cup play. I was channeling surfing on a lazy Sunday when the game appeared on my TV screen. Curious, I started watching . . . and didn’t stop even after Ali Krieger’s penalty kick clinched the American victory.

I’m not a soccer fan. Seldom do I watch women’s competition except for an occasional tennis match involving one of the Williams sisters or Maria Sharapova. Blame ESPN’s overhyping of the women’s World Cup, but I know more about this USA team than I realize. When I tuned in Brazil was leading 2-1 in extra time and I remember thinking we were finally through with the World Cup hype. But I continued watching and found myself rooting for a miracle.

When Abby Wambach scored with barely a minute to play I found myself doing a fish pump. When USA goalie Hope Solo blocked a penalty kick a felt a tingle. When Krieger scored I was an excited and proud American.



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