7/1/11 – Jaguar Blubber

The biggest fear of NFL coaches during the owners’ lockout isn’t the players missing valuable time learning the various systems. That’s certainly a concern, but the biggest fear is what kind of physical shape players will be in when they do return to the practice field.

Many players, of course, have been working out on their own, usually with a group of teammates, but many others have foolishly become couch potatoes watching TV or obsessed with playing video games. Whatever, there’s usually plenty of chips and dip being consumed.

I bring this up now because the 4th of July weekend ranks right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas when it comes to Americans pigging out.

Which Jaguars are the most likely to have put on blubber during the lockout? Defensive tackle Terrence Knighton, nicknamed Pot Roast, battled an offseason weight problem last year when there was no lockout. Word is he’s ballooned up worse this offseason. One insider told me Knighton is back to wearing baggy clothes, and he’s not making a fashion statement.



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