6/9/11 – MLB Draft

The Major League Baseball draft carries the punch of Barney Fife and the excitement of lettuce. With few exceptions, top draft picks don’t even create a buzz among the fan bases of the teams doing the drafting.

Part of the reason is the structure of professional baseball. College football and basketball are the “minor leagues” for those sports. Drafted players go straight to the top level. They’re already well known to the public in many cases because of the exposure the college games get. To the contrary, little fan attention is paid to college baseball and even less to minor league baseball. Know who Gerrit Cole is? Ever seen him play? How long before if he ever makes it to the Pittsburgh Pirates, if he ever does? Cole, by the way, pitches for UCLA and was the first overall pick earlier this week.

But the biggest reason is baseball is a more difficult game to play. Most college studs have at least some level of success in pro football and pro basketball. Not so in baseball. The .400 hitter in college often can’t touch a Major League slider. The dominating college pitcher often finds his flat 95 mile-per-hour fastball gets hammered by Major League hitters.

How many of you even watched the MLB draft? Did you know it was on TV? Didn’t think so.



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