6/8/11 – Bad, Bad Busch Bros.

Team owner Richard Childress has been fined $150,000 by NASCAR for going all Nolan Ryan in the garage area after last weekend’s truck race. The 65-year-old punched out driver Kyle Busch, who’s 39 years younger. I’m not suggesting NASCAR should tolerate fist fights, even one-sided fist fights.

The part that bugs me is Busch got off scot free, unless you count the beating he took as punishment enough. NASCAR said Busch did nothing to instigate the fight although he clearly bumped Childress’ winning driver’s car after the race. Busch already is on probation for acting badly – and that actually gets me to my point.

More often than not it seems when there’s trouble in the NASCAR one of the Busch boys, Kyle and brother Kurt, are involved. Both are outstanding drivers, but they’re both jerks as well.

I believe in the common denominator theory. If the same person is often involved in arguments with different people, then that person likely is the problem. Like I once told my mother-in-law who whined about three bad marriages, the only constant in all three was her. Same logic applies here.



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