6/7/11 – Media Snobbery

As often is the case, I was blown away Sunday morning while watching “The Sports Reporters” on ESPN. The group discussion was about Major League Baseball lacking the individual star power of the NFL and the NBA. I don’t disagree on that point. What big league player now draws you to the ball park or makes for must-see TV? St. Louis’ Albert Pujolis? New York’s Alex Rodriguez? Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay? No. No. And no.

What grabbed my attention was something columnist Israel Gutierrez of the Miami Herald said. He noted some potential must-see players simply played in the wrong cities. In other words, they play in small market cities. Two players he called by name were Cincinnati’s Joey Votto and Texas’ Josh Hamilton.

The snobbiest of some media types is unbelievable. The age of social media gives every player with the talent and/or personality plenty of visibility regardless of where they play. Even in the dark ages, Pete Rose, for example, became a star in Cincinnati. As for Hamilton, when did Dallas become a small market?

Unlike in the real estate business, in sports it isn’t about location, location, location.



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