6/6/11 – The Plaxico Question

You’ve heard this before. Only the name has been changed.

Plaxico Burress is out of prison after having served a 20-month sentence for carrying and firing a gun in a New York City nightclub. No one ever accused Plaxico of being smart. You may remember his rookie season when after making a diving catch he was so determined to call more attention to himself that he jumped to his feet and spiked the football. He had not been touched by a defender. In tennis that’s called an unforced error. In the NFL that’s called a fumble. Duh!

Now the question is will any team sign the 31-year-old Burress and give him a second chance? As I opined about Michael Vick after he served 18 months in prison for dog fighting, I have no problem with any NFL signing Burress. He messed up and paid for it. Okay, he’s not a boy scout, but if the NFL eliminates players because they’re dumb and lack character, then the league won’t have enough talented players for 32 franchises.

Any team that needs a wide receiver would be wise to consider signing Burress. That includes the Jaguars.



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