6/30/11 – NBA Lockout

Do not confuse the NFL lockout with the NBA lockout. That’d be like comparing Beyonce with Ugly Betty. They’re both women and in show biz but that’s where the similarities end.

The NFL is a money-making machine and the owners and players are squabbling about who gets richer.

The NBA lockout is the owners’ way of screaming for help because of their stupidity in handing out ridiculous contracts to average players. As many as 22 of the 30 NBA teams are losing money. Real money. Want an example of stupidity? The Cavaliers’ Baron Davis, a middle-of-the-pack point guard, makes $15 million a year.

The NFL issue will be settled. The NBA lockout likely will result in losing the 2011-12 season. Several NBA owners also own NHL teams and were part of a labor dispute that wiped out an entire season. The owners felt it was necessary to avoid several franchises from folding. The NBA faces that dilemma right now.

It is, of course, a gamble. The NBA is coming off of one of its most successful seasons ever, but its popularity can’t touch the NFL’s. A complete season lockout will hurt, but the owners feel they have no choice.



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