6/29/11 – Bye Bye Butch

I’ve never been prouder of my alma mater, the University of North Carolina. Chancellor Holden Thorp fired Coach Butch Davis because his program was an embarrassment to the university. The NCAA is investigating the Tar Heels because players received improper benefits and academic fraud.

Davis has not been personally linked to any wrongdoing, but he was the captain of the ship. He was responsible for making certain things were done right.

I know cynics say UNC wouldn’t have sacrificed Davis if the sport had been basketball. There’s no doubt football is plays second fiddle to basketball in Chapel Hill. And I’m not so naïve to think the basketball program is without sin. But not to the extent of the football sins committed on Davis’ watch.

The overall reputation of the University should always come before its sports program. That often isn’t the case but I’m proud that it is at my school, UNC.



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