6/28/11 – Corny Kolb

Perhaps the most incredible thing about NFL free agency is how little we know about the players we so desperately want our teams to sign for millions and millions of dollars. Case in point is the apparent bidding and lushing for quarterback Kevin Kolb.

We’re told teams are lined up to acquire Kolb. Arizona fans seem convinced it their team gets Kolb then the Cardinals will be headed back to the Super Bowl. He is one or two of the most desired and talked about free agents this offseason.

Exactly what has he done since being a second-round draft pick out of Houston in 2007? For the record, QBs JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn were drafted ahead of him.

He had some solid games filling in for Donovan McNabb with the Eagles. He was given the Eagles’ starting job last year but didn’t make it through the first half of the season opener before getting injured. His replacement, Michael Vick, kept Kolb on the bench the remainder of the season.

Now teams are willing to mortgage their futures for him. Go figure.



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