6/28/11 – Cheating and Power

I’d like to tell you the No. 1 reason coaches and boosters shouldn’t cheat by giving athletes extra benefits – you know, the $100 handshakes, the “specials deals” for cars, a geek to write terms papers, etc. – is because it is wrong to cheat. But that’s not reality. The No. 1 reason for coaches and boosters not to cheat is because when they do they give the athletes all the power.

When a former athlete, for whatever reason, reveals he received extra benefits he may become a leper in the eyes of his former school, but he faces no punishment. He doesn’t have to give back the money or the championship rings. It’s the coaches and boosters who face the scrutiny and must prove their innocence. Often they can’t because, well, because they’ guilty. Coaches lose their jobs; boosters are barred from association with their schools.

I thought of this when I got word that former Gator linebacker Channing Crowder, now with the Miami Dolphins, smugly said on his new radio show that “hypothetically” he sold all of his college jerseys to rich boosters in Jacksonville.

My advice to any rich booster who has a Crowder jersey from Florida: Burn it.



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