6/24/11 – The DH Dilemma

I like interleague play in Major League Baseball. My only real complaint is how the designated hitter rule is applied. I’m for the DH and have never understood why the National League didn’t adopt it.

In interleague play – and the World Series – the DH is used in American League parks only, and that leads me to my complaints. I don’t know which is worse, seeing American League pitchers try to hit or full-time designated hitters try to play defense.

Boston’s David Ortiz didn’t even take a glove to spring training, but he is now asked to play first base. And that means Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzales finds himself playing right field, a position he hasn’t played in six years. White Sox DH Adam Dunn, not the most graceful of athletes, is back in the outfield. Detroit catcher Alex Avila, a likely all-star behind the plate, is suddenly a third baseman, a position he hasn’t played since he was at the University of Alabama. Moving Avila allows the Tigers to keep power- hitting Victor Martinez in the lineup.

There are too many examples of American League pitchers looking foolish trying to hit to name.

Incredibly, the American has a winning record against the National. I have no explanation for that.


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