6/22/11 – The Who Cares NBA Draft

The NBA draft is near and you don’t care. I don’t blame you. We barely know any of players who’ll be drafted.

Kyrie Irving will be the first player selected. He’ll go to Cleveland. He played point guard at Duke. Well, he kinda played point guard at Duke. Because of injuries, he only played 8 games – or was it 11? – for the Blue Devils. Instead of 1-and-done, Irving was 1/5-and-done. Derrick Williams will be taken second, by Minnesota. How many times did you see Arizona played during his two seasons? Enes Kanter will be drafted high. You may have heard of him, but you never saw him play unless you were living in Turkey.

Not all of the high first-rounders will be unknown to you. Brandon Knight spent one year at Kentucky. Kemba Walker spent several years at UConn. We all know about Jimmer Fredette of BYU and Kyle Singlar of Duke but they’ll probably go late, if at all.

There are a pair of Lithuania giants who’ll be drafted high, but you’ve never heard of them nor can you pronounce their names.

Such is the NBA draft.



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