6/21/11 – One Hot Vol Mess

The athletic department at the University of Tennessee is a mess. The NCAA is investigating both the football and basketball programs. Basketball coach Bruce Pearl was fired. The football team has had three head coaches in the last three years. Athletic Director Mike Hamilton was forced out.

Not surprising, there are unsold seats in Neyland Stadium, booster contributions are down and apathy has crept into a large and passionate fan base.

The Volunteers need a stabilizing influence and that’s why they should hire former football coach Phillip Fulmer as their new athletic director. Fulmer was forced to resign as the football coach after a 15-year run. He isn’t what you’d call dynamic, but his loyalty is unquestioned. His resume is loaded with success. He provides a level of comfort for Vols, like a favorite pair of well-worn shoes or that special chair in the den.

I don’t know if Fulmer has the business sense to run a big-time program. No problem. Make him the face of the athletic department and hire some good people to crunch numbers.



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