6/16/11 – OSU’s Losin’ Luke

Luke Fickell is in a lose-lose situation. Ohio State’s interim head coach takes over an elite program currently being used as a punching bag, and rightfully so, for all the ills infecting major college football. His difficult situation was never clearer than this week when he held his first news conference.

Did Fickell have any knowledge of the scandal that rocked the Buckeyes on departed coach Jim Tressel’s watch? No, he maintains. So let me get this straight: An important assistant coach who is practically imbedded with the program had no inkling of players driving fancy cars, wearing expensive duds and having pockets full of money? Exactly how naïve or dumb is this guy? Listen, Fickell may be a good man and a good coach but he’s dirty by association if for no other reason.

Ohio State will get hit hard by the NCAA. The Buckeyes will, no doubt, seek – and be encouraged by the NCAA — to start rebuilding in 2012 with a clean slate. That won’t include Fickell and other Tressel minions regardless of how well the team does this fall.



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