6/15/11 – Mountaineer Mess

There’s a mess at West Virginia and it isn’t likely to end well. Football coach Bill Stewart has resigned a year earlier than scheduled to make way for coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen. Ugly rumors have been circulating for weeks that Stewart was trying to get dirt on Holgorsen by leaking info to the media. Clearly Stewart wasn’t onboard with the whole coach-in-waiting thing.

In some ways it sounds like what happened at FSU during the Bobby Bowden-Jimbo Fisher transition: Old coach isn’t ready to go but is being forced out. The result at FSU and, no doubt, West Virginia is a house divided on the inside. Nothing can damage a program quicker. Unlike FSU, West Virginia isn’t exactly an elite program. A good program, yes; an elite program no. It won’t take much for the Mountaineers to become mired in Big East mediocrity.

An additional problem is Holgorsen. He has an impressive record as an offensive whiz, but there are many red flags about his personal conduct. Holgorsen likes to take a drink. Too often too many drinks. You can already smell a scandal coming.



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