6/14/11 – R.I.P. Godfrey Myles

The passing of former Gator Godfrey Myles last week at age 42 from a stroke brought back a flood of memories of the linebacker who played from 1987 to ’90. He was a physical freak, as big as defensive end and as fast as a tailback. His Florida coach, Galen Hall, marveled at Myles’ physical talent, but shook his head at Myles’ lack of football instincts.

Don’t think Myles was a flop. He was all-SEC as a senior and played for six seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, who drafted him in the third round. He was part of three Super Bowl winning teams.

But, according to Hall, he could have been so much more. Myles made plays all over the field even though, as Hall pointed out, he had seldom got a good jump on a play. Hall would shake his head – in part out of frustration, in part out of amazement – watching Myles on tape. He’d look like he was totally out of a play and then, boom, he’d make a tackle or break up a pass.

But the main thing I remember Hall saying about Myles was he had the physical talent to win four Heisman trophies. Outlandish? Perhaps, but I never heard a coach talk so glowingly about a player’s skills before or since.



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