5/5/11 – Miami Heat

As much as it pains me to say it, the best team in the NBA playoffs right now is the Miami Heat. I’d rather any of the other seven teams to take home the crown, but LeBron James and Dewayne Wade are on fire and they’re getting help from their teammates.

Boston looks old. Atlanta lacks a true go-to guy. Chicago isn’t getting Derrick Rose’s best. Los Angeles looks disinterested. Memphis is still too young. Oklahoma City could surprise but Russell Westbrook needs to understand Kevin Durant is the Thunder’s main man. And Dallas has a history of choking.

I understand how quickly things can change in the playoffs. The Celtics have fooled us before. The Lakers are going for a threepeat for a lot of reasons. The Bulls have solid players at every position and a strong bench. The Mavericks are due to conquer their demons. The Thunder can be dynamic.

But right now no team is playing as well and as clutch as the Heat.


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