5/4/11 – “Small” Market Power

I have a message for the TV network’s big wigs and national media pundits: Most people in the good ‘ol USA don’t consider Memphis or Cleveland or Milwaukee or Tampa as small cities. Lake City, Fla., is a small city. Albany, Ga., is a small city. My hometown, Rocky Mount, N.C., is a small city.

So quit telling everyone if teams from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas don’t play for championships then only L’il Abner and Barney Fife will watch. I know TV numbers tell us teams from the “big” cities draw the biggest audiences. That’s because you repeatedly tell us how it will be a disaster if they aren’t involved. You do your best to make us believe it doesn’t really matter if the so-called small city teams go hunting for rings.

Why not get your heads out of your you-know-whats can talk about the teams involved, not their home bases? For some reason we watch if Green Bay plays in a Super Bowl. Playing in Cleveland didn’t hurt LeBron James’ popularity.

Here’s hoping Oklahoma City plays Atlanta for the NBA title.


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