5/31/11 – Tressel’s Future

One school of thought is Jim Tressel won’t coach again at a major college. Don’t bet on it. Keep in mind there are 120 schools listed as major colleges in football. I don’t think the banished Ohio State coach will re-appear as the head coach of an elite program, but there are a number of so-called major programs that will welcome him once time has dulled this story.

Why would any school take Tressel, a liar, a cheater and, according to many stories now surfacing, not the fatherly figure he has portrayed himself to be? Because Tressel can recruit and win football games.

When I’m thinking about Tressel’s future as a coach I’m reminded of a story that happened in 1990. Jackie Sherrill, though never named as a rules-breaker by the NCAA, was considered damaged goods by many people in college football. When Mississippi State hired him it seemed reasonable to think it was putting a target on itself for an NCAA investigation.

“So what?” an avid alumnus with deep pockets told me. “Whatta we got to lose? We ain’t going to no bowl games and packing the house now. Sherrill will get us wins.”

So will Tressel.


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