5/26/11 – “Goody Two Shoes” Goddell

The NFL says it is going to punish teams – if there is an NFL, of course – if they have players pile up flagrant –hit penalties. Most of the response from players and others has been outrage. Suspend the player. Fine him. But punish the teams by possibly taking away draft choices? The critics say that’s just wrong.

While I hate to come to the defense of Commissioner Roger “Goody Two Shoes” Goddell, I have no choice in this matter. Certainly teams — that means coaches — can’t stop all flagrant hits. Football is a violent, emotional, fast-paced game. Late hits and other illegal hits are going to happen.

Coaches can, however, put a stop to a culture that breeds what it now considered illegal hits. Clothes-line tackles, intentional spearing and cutting down players at the knees used to be commonplace. Not now. The rules and the coaching have changed. As long as coaches continue to coach “taking the ball-carrier’s head off” and “killing the quarterback” then we’re going to see flagrant hit.

Bottom line is I don’t have a problem with punishing teams as well as players for these hits. Let a team lose a draft pick or two and most of the illegal hits will stop.


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