5/24/11 – Ray Lewis, The Phoney

While I think Ray Lewis is one of the greatest middle linebackers of all time I’m not a Ray Lewis fan. He’s as phony as a $3 bill. And talk about being over-the-top dramatic. Surely he has an acting career in his future.

The latest example of this was Lewis’ interview on ESPN when he practically came to tears as he started talking about what not having NFL games this fall would do to our country. In Lewis’ opinion, no NFL means a major crime wave. Idle minds, not to mention no fantasy football, will prompt people to rob the neighborhood convenience stores, or worst.

In Lewis’ world, the NFL ranks alongside medical care and education in importance.

Of course the NFL is important for a lot of reasons, but not having games this fall isn’t going to create chaos and coax people into crime who aren’t already thugs. No NFL football on Sunday would mean millions of people doing other things. Yeah, some will commit crimes. Some will play more golf and tennis, fish a bit more and maybe take care of some yard work they’ve been putting off.


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