5/23 – Heat Haters Beware

For all of you who pull against the Miami Heat – count me in – I have some bad news. The Heat, now leading 2 games to 1, could make this NBA Eastern Conference championship series against the Chicago Bulls a short one unless the Bulls get their fire back.

While it’s true the Heat maybe playing its best basketball right now, the difference in the last two games has been the absence of the Bulls’ effort and team work. MVP Derrick Rose is being double teamed and the Bulls haven’t responded well. There’s too much standing around and too few passes from the team that posted the best regular season record in the NBA. Suddenly the second chance baskets have all but disappeared and the bench players aren’t responding. The Bulls, my pick to win it all, can’t match up talent wise with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade. They need to win all of the intangibles and they haven’t in the last two games.

Added to their woes is the return of Udonis Haslem for the Heat. The former Gator plays like a Bull, and that’s bad news for the real Bulls.


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