5/18/11 – Tiger and the Open

I’m not a Tiger hater. To the contrary, I am fan although not as big a fan as I was. I still think he’ll win again, and that includes majors. I still want him to win again because it’s good for golf. I think he’s the best golfer of all time. Yeah, even better than Jack Nicklaus.

But I have grown tired of the Tiger soap opera. I’m not questioning whether or not he’s injured. He says he’s injured and I see no reason not to believe him. That said, I’ve lost interest in all of the speculation about when or if he’ll be back playing competitive golf. Tiger communicates mostly through his website and this week he made his first statement since withdrawing after only 9 holes from The Players. He says he hopes to be back for the U.S. Open in mid-June. He says he’ll keep us posted.

My reaction: Don’t bother. If he shows up for the Open, then I’ll be interested again. In the meantime, rehab your injuries, play with your kids and keep it to yourself.


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