5/17/11 – Vick’s Speaking Engagement

I believe in second chances. I’ve made it clear in the case of Michael Vick that he was punished for his dog fighting scandal with both prison time and millions of dollars in fines and lost income, and I had no problem with him returning to the NFL to play for the Eagles.

I do have a problem with the fact that the Camelot schools in Philadelphia have asked Vick to be the commencement speaker for the five area educational institution. These institutions are for troubled children.

Given a second to play in the NFL is one thing. Being propped up as a role model for children is another thing. Perhaps years from now, once he is retired and has proven with time that he is truly rehabilitated, Vick might be a worthy commencement speaker for children to hear. For the here and now, however, I doubt children will hear his message, concentrating on his celebrity instead.

Educators should know better. Perhaps they are thrilled at the thought of meeting Vick more than they’ll admit. It is much too soon since his misdeeds for kids to aspire to be like this Mike.


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