5/16/11 – Jorge Pasada

I’m more confused by the modern professional athlete every day. Latest example: New York Yankee catcher-DH Jorge Posada.

It was a big story in New York last weekend when Posada took himself out of the lineup after being dropped from 7th to 9th in the batting order. Posada has since apologized, but, still, I’m shocked a veteran player and team leader would even make an issue out of it to start with. Understand Posada is batting a buck 160, worst in the majors, and the switch hitter hasn’t had a hit from the right side this season.

I don’t think big league managers have much to do to start with. Which teams do things such as hit-and-run and sacrifice bunt these days? Pitchers are all on pitch counts so there’s no mystery when to go to the bullpen. Now if the managers can’t even make out a lineup card, why bother having them?

In Posada’s case, can it really make much difference between batting 9th instead of 7th? I’m not saying a player shouldn’t be concerned, even unhappy, with such demotion, but to create a major stink seems . . . well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything they do or say.


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