5/11/11 – Private Jag Workouts

Many of the Jaguars, like players from all NFL teams, are holding private workouts to stay in shape as they await the end of the owners’ lockout. That’s a good thing for a lot of reasons.

What is puzzling with the Jaguars is the fact some players, according to reports, don’t want the media watching any of the workouts. Why? Now this isn’t one of those stories about the media whining because they’re being locked out. There are no secret plays being worked on. There are no attempts to hide injuries. You’d think the players would welcome the media because it gives the players an opportunity to send a message to their fans that they’re working hard and want to play ball. Sounds like great public relations to me.

PR won’t help settle the dispute between the owners and players, but it will factor in when the smoke clears. Fans are angry. Seeing their favorite players working out when they don’t have to would help them shed their image as spoiled rich guys who make way too much money for playing a game.


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