Mismatches Embarrassing for All

Posted: September 12, 2012 in College teams, Florida State Seminoles

Thank you, Savannah State. I’m sorry you have become the Poster Child for one of college football’s biggest sins, but at least we now have a lot of people involved in the sport screaming about mismatches – these get-your-brains-beat-in-for-a-big-payday games.

I’m proud to say I’ve been harping about this for years, but it wasn’t until Oklahoma State whacked Savannah State 84-0 that so many other people became upset about this annual embarrassment to the sport. It is a hot topic these days with national pundits, particularly those folks who make a living analyzing college football for the TV networks.

The screams to stop this horrific scheduling picked up even more steam when Savannah State went to slaughter last week in Tallahassee, losing only 55-0 to FSU because the game was stopped in the third quarter because of dangerous weather conditions.

Here’s been the accepted formula for college football’s elite: Schedule one, if not two, home games each year against a patsy; write them a big check; pad your school’s record and coach’s resume.

The guilty schools justify this practice in many ways. They argue the money helps the victims pay their bills. They contend the outclassed players get to enjoy the experience of playing in a big stadium. They whine that they need a few “soft” games because of their grueling conference schedules.


Do the players who get embarrassed benefit from the money? Is it an enjoyable experience to get whipped 84-0 anywhere, anytime? If every major conference team played only competitive opponents wouldn’t it balance out in the end? Imagine, if you can, an NFL teams softening their schedules by playing a couple of semi-pro teams.

Next to the embarrassed players, the biggest losers are the fans. They pay a lot of money for tickets and in booster contributions to watch garage games.

There is hope we’ll see a reduction of these ridiculous games in the near future. When a four-team playoff starts with the 2014 season, strength of schedule reportedly will be a major factor in which four teams are selected are a yet-to-be-named committee. Of course, if every elite program schedules a couple of dogs . . . well, maybe we won’t see an end to these types of games.

  1. Terri says:

    LOL I wonder which Savannah State Player will be wearing a Jaguars Uniform being chosen in the draft….That seems to be where Smith gets our guys then they play with the big boys get hurt and we have the most players on IR and the Head Coach gets the blame rather than the person who picked them in the first place 😦 But FSU did have to act fast because it was either a Virginia or West Virginia team was supposed to play against FSU and backed out so they had to scramble to get a team to play against.

  2. Pvine says:

    Blame West Virginia for the FSU whipping. WV pulled out of the scheduled game with the Noles because of their moving to the Big 12 thus leaving FSU scrambling to find an opponent at the last minute. You just can’t squat and produce a more suitable foe in a short amount of time.

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