Good or Bad, It’s Practice

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL, NFL teams

Calm down, boys and girls. Don’t be depressed because the Ravens slapped around your Jaguars last night. I kept telling you after the Jags won those first two exhibitions not to get too excited. Now I’m telling you not the get too depressed.

It’s practice. These aren’t real games. Final score doesn’t matter.

That’s not to say practice isn’t important. This time of year is about fine tuning vets and evaluating prospects. It’s also about trying to identify strengths and potential weaknesses.

The Jags’ pass defense hasn’t been very good. Veteran Rashean Mathis looks a step slow to me. The pass rush still needs to improve. As usual, the way to move the ball on the Jags is to make to their linebackers play pass coverage. The special teams also were stinky against the Ravens. Even Josh Scobee missed a chip shot.

Another thing: Where’s Laurent Robinson? Are the Jags simply not targeting him in preseason games? Is he not getting open? The Jags need their biggest offseason free agent signee to be a major contributor.

But there were good things even in a 48-17 “loss”.

Quarterback Blaine Gabbert did more good things than bad and that’s a major step forward.

Rashad Jennings looks like a better-than-average running back. I remember one play when he clearly made the wrong cut, but overall he gets a high grade.

But the No. 1 positive thing about the preseason is rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon. He catches everything he touches – and then he actually runs after the catch. Jags fans haven’t seen one of their receivers excel at running after the catch since the days of Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell.

Perhaps the most important item on the Jags agenda is keeping Blackmon sober.


  1. Terri says:

    It didn’t take very long for those of us who watched the October 24th Monday Night game that the ratbirds were out for revenge and played the Jags like it was the regular season to show their fans they weren’t really that bad….LOL Of course with a brand new owner and coaching staff evaluating talent didn’t have a clue about the ratbirds attitude on the field!

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