Jaguars’ Camp a Success

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL, NFL teams

The Jaguars’ first training camp under Coach Mike Mularkey has ended and by all measurable is was a success.

There was high energy and a strong work ethnic, which is to be expected with a first-year coach –not to mention a new owner.

Other note worthy points in no particular order:

  • Quarterback Blaine Gabbert is showing significant improvement. Improvement in a quarterback’s second season is to be expected, but Gabbert appears to be ahead of pace. No doubt better coaching and a better supporting cast are factors.
  • The better supporting cast includes a much better group of wide receivers. Rookie Justin Blackmon is an immediate upgrade. He looked like a No. 5 overall draft pick in his first pro test, not only catching everything thrown in his direction but running after the catch. Laurent Robinson appears to be a solid free agent signee.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew’s holdout has been a non-factor. I’m not saying Rashad Jennings is a better runner than Mo-Jo, but he is talented enough to get the job done in the Jaguars are a better passing team.
  • There were no significant injuries – that we know of. In the ultra secretive world of the NFL we seldom get the truth about injuries. The offensive line has had more than its share of what appears to be nagging injuries, but everyone should be ready for the season opener. The biggest question mark is left guard Will Rackley.
  • The Jaguars outscored their opponents in their first two exhibitions. Winning isn’t necessarily important but it’s better than being outscored.

Bottom line: Things are looking up for the Jaguars.

  1. Justin Jewell says:

    As a long time Jag fan I have not been this excited in years!

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