Lose the Ego, MoJo

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL, NFL teams

Open letter to MoJo:

I don’t pretend to know you, MoJo, except as a media guy who’s talked to you dozens of times and observed you both on the field and in the locker room. From those experiences two things are obvious: You’re a helluva football player and a savvy guy when it comes to public relations. You seem to be an intelligent young man and one who’s motivated to succeed.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, in my role as a commentator I offer this advice: Get rid of the ego,  put your pride on the back burner and get back to work, which means reporting to the Jaguars and getting ready for the upcoming season.

Honestly, I don’t have a favorite in this fight between you and management, but not only does management have all of the high cards, I can’t make one argument in your behalf.

Let’s examine the issues:

  • You have two years remaining on your contract, a big-money contract the Jaguars gave you and you gladly signed when you were still a backup.
  • You’ve already been paid more than $20 million and will earn close to another $10 million by honoring your contract so no one can honestly feel you’ve been shortchanged.
  • You’re the first guy to say it’s all about the team and winning, not individual play. I don’t need to remind you, I’m sure, that while you won leading the NFL in rushing last season your team was 5-11. I’m willing to bet if the Jags had been 11-5 and you were 10th in the league in rushing there’d be no holdout. A hint of hypocrisy there, don’t you think?
  • Your position, running back, isn’t as important as it used to be. It’s a fact. That means you aren’t as valuable to a team as a top-flight quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback, pass rusher and offensive tackle.

Yes, you are the face of the Jacksonville franchise. You’ve been great for the franchise and the city. You’ve thrilled fans and, no doubt, inspired youngsters. You get an A when it comes to being a role model. But surely you know how quickly things can change.

You made your point – I guess it’s all about the money – by skipping offseason workouts. By holding out now you’re looking greedy, selfish and . . . well, stupid.

  1. BigBlackRod says:

    Get your money, Maurice; if you get hurt tomorrow, they’d drop you like a bad sitcom. Ask Minnesota if Adrian Peterson is important…PEACE.

  2. Wayne Bailey says:

    Uncle Dave, as usual, you are right “on spot.” MJD may get fined approximately one million dollars for his tantrum. He has demonstrated incredible disrespect to the coaching staff of the Jags and for the ticket holders of this city, not to mention his teammates. Do we need to remind him that there is a recession going on. That might not be a concern for him, but it sure is a concern of the potential ticket holders. MJD, who once was the most popular Jaguar is now far from that. In a day when our country is looking for a “hero” MJD has painted himself as being more like a “ME-ro.” Note to MJD: you have potentially been fined more than a teacher will make in a lifetime; if and when you return, please don’t give the ticket base any sermons about being “all in”; and please remember that, if you play your cards right, you will never have to work again when you leave football as a player. Not bad for someone who has probably never had to rely on a regular job. MJD, you have the job of a lifetime. Don’t blow it. Remember that, if you come back now, the first cheer you hear will probably be “boooooooooooooo, ” instead or “droooooooo.” Grow up, and fulfill your responsibility.

  3. jaxjoe@comcast.net says:

    “He that is greedy of gain, troubleth his own house;” Proverbs, 25:27

    In this case, “his own house” is Everbank Field, the locker room, the practice facilities, and the entire fan base. Surely by now, his team-mates have drifted away from his once indelible leadership role and are “all in”, regardless of the outcome. Surely by now, the fans are focused on their star quarterback, their new Coach, and the potential for a better season. Surely by now, the new owner of the franchise has built bulwarks in defense of prior agreements and has no intention of capitulation. The only one who doesn’t see the whole picture here is Mo-Jo D himself and yet, he still “troubleth his own house” but now, at his own peril…

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